When your child prepares for the back-to-school season, you and your child are doing more than usual. Many things must be purchased to be used during the school year, including new glasses. Children who wear glasses have their prescriptions changed each year, so it is always a good idea to get them an eye exam before school starts and to get new glasses. Although children are not old enough to get Lasik, seeing the optometrist for glasses is a good solution. When you need an eye appointment when it is time for back to school, call our Talladega, AL, office to schedule your time.

Avoid Classroom Problems

When a child can not see well, it can cause several problems at school. They will not be able to see the front of the classroom well and will miss things written on the board. They may forget certain gestures the teacher makes that are essential for communication. Without glasses, they may be unable to make out the facial expressions of others, which can cause social problems. It’s necessary to see the optometrist for new glasses before school starts.

Other Problems

If a child uses an outdated prescription may get headaches and eye pain. In addition, they may strain their eyes to improve their eyesight. This old prescription may be causing more than just eye strain. Your eyesight may worsen with an older prescription since it is no longer helping correct your vision. As a result, you may see your child squinting or rubbing their eyes. Not having clear vision can lead to frustration in your child and grade.

See Our Optometrist

When your child is an adult, they may opt for Lasik to correct their vision. But until then, some glasses should be new every school year. When you need an appointment for school, call us at our Talladega, AL, office. Contact us at (256) 362-4872 to schedule your appointment.

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