If you need vision correction, contacts and eyeglasses are both excellent options. The best choice will largely come down to your lifestyle as well as your personal needs and preferences. At Alabama Eye Clinic PC in Talladega, we can examine your eyes and help you find a vision solution that works for you.

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Contact Lenses: Pros and Cons

Contacts are designed to sit directly on the eye. While older contacts were made from glass, modern contacts are usually made from flexible plastic and silicone hydrogel. There are several different types of contact lenses to choose from, including daily disposables, extended-wear contacts, and daily-wear contacts.

Pros of Contact Lenses

  • Contacts can move with your eye, giving you a wider field of view than glasses
  • Contacts won’t get in the way when you’re exercising or playing sports
  • Contacts are basically invisible
  • Contacts don’t fog up as glasses do
  • Specialized contacts can reshape the cornea

Cons of Contact Lenses

  • Contacts require proper cleaning and care
  • Wearing contacts that aren’t clean can lead to an eye infection
  • Most contacts are disposable and need to be purchased regularly

Eyeglasses: Pros and Cons

Glasses are corrective lenses that are set in a frame, making them easy to wear. These frames come in a variety of colors and are made from materials like plastic or metal. Single-vision glasses are designed to correct vision issues, while multi-vision glasses can correct both distance and issues with near vision.

Pros of Eyeglasses

  • Glasses are easy to wear and don’t require any specialized care
  • Frames can be a fashion accessory
  • Eyeglasses can protect your eyes from dust and allergens
  • Coatings can be applied to lenses to give your eyes extra protection
  • It’s easy to put glasses on and take them off

Cons of Eyeglasses

  • Eyeglasses can limit your peripheral vision
  • Glasses can leave marks on the bridge of your nose
  • Lenses can fog up in the rain or cold weather
  • It can be difficult to play sports while wearing glasses

Other Options

While glasses and contact lenses are the most common forms of vision correction, you don’t necessarily have to choose between one or another. Many people wear both glasses and contacts and there are other options, like LASIK surgery. If you would prefer not to wear glasses or contacts, our optometrists can refer you to an eye surgeon.

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