Diagnosing and promptly treating an eye disease is crucial for maintaining healthy eyes and good vision. There are several eye diseases, symptoms, and treatment options you should be aware of. Alabama Eye Clinic, PC. in Talladega, AL, can help diagnose and treat a variety of eye ailments you may be suffering from.

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What Are Some of the Most Common Eye Diseases?

The following are some eye problems that many people suffer from. An optometrist in Talladega, AL, can diagnose and recommend treatment options for conditions or eye diseases you may have.

Glaucoma: This is a condition that occurs when the optic nerve is damaged. Symptoms can include blurry vision, colored halos near light, and eye redness.

Cataracts: Cataracts happen when the lens in your eye becomes cloudy. This causes hazy or blurry vision. Cataracts become more common as you age.

Macular Degeneration: Macular Degeneration is when parts of the retina are damaged. Symptoms include vision distortions. Macular Degeneration may be caused by factors, such as smoking or diet.

Diabetic Retinopathy: This is caused by damaged blood vessels at the back of the eye. Floating spots or strings are sometimes symptoms of this condition. Anyone diagnosed with diabetes should have regular eye exams.

Corneal Disorders: Corneal Disorders include infections and other disorders that specifically affect the cornea. Pain, blurring vision, and sensitivity to light are possible symptoms.

How Can an Optometrist Help?

An optometrist can diagnose and treat many eye conditions, including glaucoma and cataracts. Some of the specific ways an optometrist can help include the following:

  • An optometrist can help monitor and manage diabetic retinopathy. Your care eye professional may sometimes work in conjunction with other professionals, such as an ophthalmologist.
  • Your eye professional can test for and treat glaucoma. Sometimes using specific types of eye drops can help treat glaucoma.
  • A trained optometrist can diagnose conditions in the early stages before they become serious problems. Your eye doctor can also advise you regarding the best care for your eyes to keep them as healthy as possible.

Whatever type of symptoms or eye problems you may be experiencing, it’s important to visit an experienced optometrist as soon as possible to receive the care you need.

Why Choose Alabama Eye Clinic, PC in Talladega, AL?

At Alabama Eye Clinic, PC, we treat a wide variety of eye conditions and diseases, including diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and corneal disorders. We also offer eye and vision exams, contacts and eyeglasses, and pediatric care. Contact us at Alabama Eye Clinic, PC in Talladega, AL, for more information.