Glaucoma refers to multiple similar eye conditions that all have a common impact on the optic nerve, the part of the eye that allows light to be translated to the brain. When this damage reaches, a point of serious vision loss can become permanent. Alabama Eye Clinic in Talladega, AL, can help treat your symptoms.

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How Glaucoma Damages Eyesight

The condition group involves the build-up of fluid inside the eye. When the pressure of this fluid becomes too high, it can trigger negative effects on the optic nerve. In almost all cases, untreated glaucoma will result in vision loss.

Glaucoma is usually present in both eyes. It’s rare to only show up in one eye alone, but the level of damage could be more severe in one eye as opposed to the other. However, within a decade, the other eye will also degrade from the condition without glaucoma treatment.

Types of Glaucoma Conditions

Glaucoma has different forms and conditions, with similar results and optic nerve damage. These different forms and conditions are included in the list below:

  • Open-angle – This form of glaucoma is commonly found in 9 out of 10 cases in the U.S. The eyes’ drainage channels stop working correctly, gradually failing and causing a fluid backup. Most people who suffer from this condition feel mild symptoms, which must be identified with an eye exam.
  • Close-angle – This type is rare and usually happens quickly. The cornea and iris are too narrow to function right, and the pupil malfunctions. It’s often associated with sharp eye pain and headaches. Close-angle glaucoma often needs immediate medical treatment.
  • Normal tension – This tension involves low eye pressure but damages the optic nerve. It tends to be found mainly in patients of Asian background.
  • Congenital – This glaucoma is found in babies and toddlers, missing the necessary drainage systems in the eyes.

Optometrist Help for Glaucoma Patients

For those in Talladega or the surrounding area who need help with glaucoma symptoms or suspect they might have the condition, our office at Alabama Eye Clinic in Talladega, AL, can help. Our eye doctor team can provide an in-depth eye exam, confirm the condition present, and provide glaucoma treatment that effectively slows or stops the problem. There is no cure for glaucoma, but we can help extend your vision and protect it. Call us at (256) 362-4872 to schedule an optometrist appointment!