Alabama Eye Clinic in Talladega, AL, is proud to offer the best in eye care for our patients. When you have your eye exam or procedure, it’s normal to have a few questions about the best glasses or contacts for your lifestyle. Our optometrist will be happy to talk over these details with you so you can make a decision that’s perfect for you. Here are a few answers to the most frequently asked questions about blue light lenses.

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What is blue light?

Many of the electronic instruments we use in our daily lives emit blue light rays. These come from our televisions, our computers, and even our phones. There have been some concerns that blue light can harm our eye health and our overall physical health. Blue light can cause unnecessary eye strain and disrupt natural sleep patterns.  To combat these issues, blue light lenses are available.

What are blue light lenses?

Blue light lenses filter out the blue light rays that come from our devices. The goal is to reduce eye strain and improve our health and energy by blocking harmful lights that we tend to look at for hours on end.  If you spend a long time working on the computer, you may be interested in using blue light lenses.

Can I use blue light lenses after LASIK surgery?

Yes! Patients who have had Lasik surgery usually don’t need prescription glasses to see anymore. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t looking at computers all day long and soaking in those blue lights. Blue light lenses are available in non-prescription forms for people who want to block the light without altering their vision.

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Many people worry about their eye health – for good reason. We spend hours every day using our eyes for work and play, and we need them to be in top shape. Blue light lenses are one common way to address this concern. If you have any questions, your optometrist at Alabama Eye Clinic in Talladega, AL, will be more than happy to help.